Bar Soap Myths: The (Not So) Dirty Truth

We see you: clutching your bottle of body wash like your life depends on it. Look, with the coronavirus still hanging around, we can understand if you’re feeling clingy about your cleaning. But if you truly want the best for your body, wallet, and Earth, it’s time to ditch the bottle. Raising the bar for your soap literally starts with a bar. 

You might only associate bar soap with hotel bathrooms, with those crinkly wrappers and suspicious trays.  Or that old weird-smelling bright yellow bar of commercial soap at your grandmother’s house. You shudder, “Who can know what deadly germs are lurking among those leftover suds?”

It’s no coincidence that soap carving has become such a hobby: anyone who looks at one of those bars wants to stab it! 

But girl — this isn’t a soap opera. It’s just soap. Let’s debunk some of those fears and myths you’ve been facing:

Common Myth: “Ew, Bar Soap Has Germs!”

We can follow your logic here. It stands to reason that a bar of soap must collect some germs while cleaning them off of you. And it’s true — there’s probably germs on every bar of soap you encounter… but only because germs are literally everywhere. 

Now, don’t let that freak you out. Remember, not all germs are bad! Fortunately, bar soap is made with surfactants that activate when you add water. These compounds work to physically wash away any debris or germs that they encounter, or that already existed on the soap.  For real.  It’s self-cleaning!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remember the word “surfactants.”  It’s just a fancy way of referring to any compound, natural or man-made, that cleans.  Just remember the science.

Common Myth: “Bar Soap Is Just Inconvenient!”

Bar soap may not come with a fun hand pump, but it does have some serious other perks for convenience. Because it is solid, the TSA will allow bar soap of any size through security. You won’t have to shove it into a packed bag or special container. You won’t even have to go out of your way to purchase a mini bar! (Although if the airport has a minibar, we definitely recommend hitting that up.)  And when used with a loofah or bath puff, it lathers just as quickly as any liquid.  Takes up a heck of a lot less space, too.  (And won’t leak when you take a trip with it.)

Common Myth: ”Bar Soap Doesn’t Last Very Long.”

When used and stored properly, your soap can last over thirty days with daily use! And “storing properly” doesn’t mean top-level security and salvaging every soap sliver. Just invest in a reliable, chic soap dish, that you keep out of the direct line of your shower. You get long-lasting soap andan excuse to buy new bathroom accessories. Girl, you’re welcome. 

Don’t forget the added bonus that accompanies bar soap’s unique properties: your kids can’t just pour it down the drain (or all over the bathroom floor). How’s that for longevity? 

But wait, bar soap has even more to offer than just rebuttals to the rumors & myths. It also has many amazing benefits that you may have never considered before.

It’s time to dive into exactly why bar soap is your best option, bar none (ok, we’ll work on the puns): 

Lower Environmental & Energy Impacts

One of the most magical properties of bar soap is its ability to have completely washed down the drain when you’re done with it.  Yes, there’s no plastic bottle left over to hope your trash collector will actually recycle. So bar soap, unlike bottled body wash, cleans you, without dirtying the Earth. 

A study found that bottled soaps take five times more energy to produce, and twenty times more energy to package, than bar soaps! That’s a pretty significant difference, and with every bar that replaces a bottle of wash, you can help to keep plastic out of landfills. Trust us — it’s perfectly possible to have your soap leave you feeling good and not feeling guilty. 

Far Better Ingredients

The bright fancy bottles and exciting scents of synthetic body washes can certainly be alluring. But have you ever wondered what chemicals may be replacing the germs on your skin? 

Buying bar soaps allow you to find all-natural alternatives, with ingredients that you can pronounce, and smells that you can find (and love!) in nature.  Or heck, you can get fancy smells, too, and still enjoy getting your clean on.

Supports Families & Small Business

Did you know the majority of artisan soaps are made by family-run small businesses??  By supporting small businesses, you’ll be helping pay for groceries, school supplies, mortgages, etc… as well as being able to more easily verify the ethical sourcing of materials and treatment of company employees.

Bar Soap Just Looks Freaking Awesome

I mean… let’s just picture it:

A guest walks into your bathroom. Your brand new, sleek, heavenly-smelling bar of soap rests next to the sink, welcoming them on it’s fancy new soap dish. They stop in their tracks. “Bar soap? Why… it’s soooo beautiful! Why haven’t I ever bought bar soap? What does she know that I don’t?” 

Everything, girl. You know it all, now! It’s time to make the switch — you know… a clean break.

Explore our full collection of soaps here, made with sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients.

We look forward to becoming your best suds buds.

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