Breakup With Your Crusty Makeup

Maybe you take it as a testament to your mad skills, that you can create makeup masterpieces with scary-looking products. Or perhaps you’re just a fan of mysteries. “Like, is this a foundation brush or a mouse nest?“

Girl, if your beauty bag is becoming a biohazard, it’s time for a makeup upgrade. Investment in new staples, applicators, and a little love and care will make all the difference.

Your makeup look won’t be the only gorgeous transformation worthy of your Instagram page.

Here are some tips to regain control of your products:

Pay Attention to Expiration Dates

I know what you’re thinking: “You mean suggestion dates?” Unfortunately, that stamped deadline isn’t just a fun reminder of the decade your bought your mascara in. When your makeup goes bad, it can really get bad, especially when you’re putting things on your face. 

When you’re frequently handling a product, these important dates can rub off. And, if you’re hoping to save yourself money and shopping time, they can be pretty easy to ignore. But here are some rules of thumb:

Mascara: It can be painful to let a favorite product go, especially when you still have some left. But because every use of mascara has you letting air and bacteria into the tube, you’ll want to toss it after about three months. You can wave that wand around as much as you want; mascara isn’t magic. 

Foundation: Powderfoundations, and blushes, eyeshadow, and other powder products, can last you up to two years. Just remember that using clean brushes are a key part of keeping your palettes pristine…(we’ll discuss more on that later). 

Lip Balms: Finished a tube of lip balm before you lost it? That’s a huge accomplishment. But if reaching that milestone takes you more than two to three years, your pride will likely come with a side of bacteria. And while lip balm is a long-lasting beauty product, there’s an important catch. If you share your lip balm, it immediately dies… off limits baby! (We don’t make the rules. But also, gross.)

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Don’t worry, things aren’t totally out of your control. There are simple steps you can take to help your makeup reach its full potential. Pay attention to–

Your applicators: Dirty brushes can be evidence of your art, but they are also harborers of tons of bacteria and old skin cells. A simple scrub with your favorite soap can let you apply your makeup with confidence (and a lot less crust). Just grab your favorite bar or bottle of soap, form some suds, and wash that brush’s nastiness down the drain. 

Oh and if you use your fingers to apply product, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand! This will stop you from spreading errant bacteria into your palettes AND your pores. 

Your methods of storage: Give your makeup staples the happy and healthy environments they need. Products that are crammed in the bottoms of purses or roll around the backseat of your car face unspeakable hardships. A consistent temperature and stable resting places can prevent against melting and breakage. Get a good, safe place in a case or linen closet, and keep your “preciouses” happy.

The Cost of “Saving” on Make-Up

You might be thinking you’re willing to face clumpy or cracked makeup to save yourself a bit of money. Unfortunately, using your favorite products past their expiration dates can have even more costly impacts on your health. 

Old or shared makeup items are breeding grounds for germs. Sure, that blush may bring out your eyes, but it can also bring out acne and angry red bumps.. and who knows what rashes. Ancient lipstick can have unexpected plumping effects (and not the good kind) by making your mouth swollen and irritated. And if you want a pink eye? Use pink eyeshadow… not a past-the-date mascara. 

If you’ve been holding on to failing favorites, it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t upset your skin by letting the bad stuff in!

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