Breakup With Your Crusty Makeup

Maybe you take it as a testament to your mad skills, that you can create makeup masterpieces with scary-looking products. Or perhaps you’re just a fan of mysteries. “Like, is this a foundation brush or a mouse nest?“ Girl, if your beauty bag is becoming a biohazard, it’s time for a makeup upgrade. Investment inContinue reading “Breakup With Your Crusty Makeup”

Quick Tips For Tackling “COVID Clutter” in Your Home

Remember the good ole days, when everyone thought that wearing masks in public would be the worst part of functioning in a post-COVID world? Oh, how foolish we were! No, what we couldn’t possibly have imagined were the heaping piles of laundry that would envelop us every time we stepped foot in our living rooms,Continue reading “Quick Tips For Tackling “COVID Clutter” in Your Home”

Why We Don’t Use Palm Oil in Our Artisan Bar Soaps

When you’re choosing a soap for you and your family, you want to pick a product that is great for both your health and the health of our planet, but sometimes, ingredient lists can be downright confusing. Palm oil is a common ingredient in both commercial and some handmade bar and liquid soaps that soundsContinue reading “Why We Don’t Use Palm Oil in Our Artisan Bar Soaps”

Set A Healthy Routine For Yourself and Your Kids This Fall

COVID-19 may have locked us all inside, but it’s thrown our routines out the window. Kids are going stir-crazy, and hardworking parents are suddenly becoming teachers on the side. Whether you’re an essential worker tackling each day in-person (thank you!) or adjusting to working at home, you’ve had to make some huge adjustments and abandonContinue reading “Set A Healthy Routine For Yourself and Your Kids This Fall”

Bar Soap Myths: The (Not So) Dirty Truth

We see you: clutching your bottle of body wash like your life depends on it. Look, with the coronavirus still hanging around, we can understand if you’re feeling clingy about your cleaning. But if you truly want the best for your body, wallet, and Earth, it’s time to ditch the bottle. Raising the bar for yourContinue reading “Bar Soap Myths: The (Not So) Dirty Truth”