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Breakup With Your Crusty Makeup

Maybe you take it as a testament to your mad skills, that you can create makeup masterpieces with scary-looking products. Or perhaps you’re just a fan of mysteries. “Like, is this a foundation brush or a mouse nest?“ Girl, if your beauty bag is becoming a biohazard, it’s time for a makeup upgrade. Investment in … Continue reading Breakup With Your Crusty Makeup

Set A Healthy Routine For Yourself and Your Kids This Fall

COVID-19 may have locked us all inside, but it’s thrown our routines out the window. Kids are going stir-crazy, and hardworking parents are suddenly becoming teachers on the side. Whether you’re an essential worker tackling each day in-person (thank you!) or adjusting to working at home, you’ve had to make some huge adjustments and abandon … Continue reading Set A Healthy Routine For Yourself and Your Kids This Fall


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Founded in 2013, we are focused on Small-Batch Direct To Consumer Products, Wholesale and Private Label Bar Soaps. We also love jokes and writing about life.

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Founded in 2013, we have decades of experience in e-Commerce and are focused on Small-Batch & Handmade Direct To Consumer Brands.

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