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Fresh Spring Lemongrass & Lavender Soap From Sweet Tea ‘N Biscuits

We’re the tech side of the Handmade industry! We can help your handmade business launch into the 21st Century with first-class e-commerce tools, such as Shopify (sales platform) and Klaviyo (email marketing). No more relying on Etsy, who nickels and dimes you, or Wix who doesn’t support you AT ALL.

We prefer Shopify and Klaviyo because they are some of the most powerful, top of the line tools that we have personally used to support our multiple six-figure handmade brands. They have extensive internal support teams, 24 hour monitoring, and amazing help centers. We can demystify your set up, load your products, and help give you a great experience, that can meet most handmade businesses’ budgets.

Business Coaching More Your Need? We know the perfect person for you!

To be honest, all the great tools in the world cannot fix your business if your core business model is broken. Are you a brand-new or even existing handmade soap or body care business, who needs to get a handle on their costs, their target market and how to position themselves overall? We highly recommend taking Soapmaker to Moneymaker with Modern Soapmaking. Get your pricing in line, get your branding in line, and actually be compliant with Federal Guidelines, and way, way more than we can possibly explain here.

Don’t feel like you need ALL of that yet, Kenna at Modern Soapmaking also offers business audits and consults for pricing, product formulations, and more.

Luscious Lavender Bar Soap By Sweet Tea 'N Biscuits
Luscious Lavender Bar Soap By Sweet Tea ‘N Biscuits

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Founded in 2013, we have decades of experience in e-Commerce and are focused on Small-Batch & Handmade Direct To Consumer Brands.

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